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16 October 2020

Neuroscience and Human Rights: Challenges for the Legal Community

This Friday, October 16, we will be talking about “Neuroscience and Human Rights: Challenges for the Legal Community”
We will be talking about the advances in Neuroscience and how these advances can affect people’s Human Rights.

Is will be reading my brain change my thinking? Will I be able to protect my data? With the development of technology, will you be able to set limits to the reading of my brain activity? Will I be able to make autonomous decisions?

These questions and many others will be addressed on Friday at 10:00 am. Costa Rica, Guatemala; 11:00 hrs. Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Panama; 12:00 hrs. New York, Venezuela, Bolivia, Toronto; 13:00 hrs. Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina.

We will be joined by Rafael Yuste, Neurobiologist, Director of the NeuroRights Initiative at Columbia University, the ideologist of the Brain Project created by Obama to map the brain, and promoter of the need to protect the rights of people in the face of accelerated advances in neuroscience; Guido Girardi, Senator who has led the legislative process of Neuro-rights in Chile, uniting various multisectoral actors for its construction, being a pioneering process in the region; Ciro Colombara, partner of RCZ, member of the Executive Committee of Red Pro Bono, an expert in Human Rights and leader of the comparative law and Human Rights study team to inform international and legislative processes on the matter; and Carmen Quijano, partner of the Quijano Law Firm, chosen as one of the most influential lawyers in Mexico 2020 by the Legal Forum, and an expert in Transparency and Data Protection and in Corporate issues with a focus on fundamental rights.

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