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Pro Bono Challenge: project addressed the abandonment of older adults in hospitals.

With a training aimed at officials of the San José de Maipo Hospital, the implementation of the project “The abandonment of gray hair” culminated in September, part of the “Pro Bono Challenge” 2019 program.

The project of the students Athiara Cristino and Mauricio Henríquez of the Andrés Bello University, sponsored by the law firm Bofill Mir & Álvarez Jana (BMAJ) addressed the situation of a group of older adults living in a situation of abandonment in said health facility. These are people who came to be treated as hospital patients but never left their dependencies due to the disregard of their relatives and close friends or because they had no place to reach. “We approached this issue because we realized that it was necessary to establish a work on the part of the law student and lawyer to generate legal research on topics that are forgotten by the legislator,” said Athiara and Mauricio.

The lawyers Jorge Barrera and Joaquín Pérez, in charge of the Challenge in the study, agree with this diagnosis. “This project points to a problem that in general is unknown and has little place in the contingency issues and public policies of the country, so we saw great relevance in the value that this project could bring, as a mechanism of prevention and solution to a problem that extends nationwide. ”

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