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Outstanding participation of Fundación Pro Bono Guatemala and Vance Center in “2019 Central America Donors Forum”

At the invitation of the Tinker Foundation, the Vance Center and Justice in Motion jointly organized a panel on the family separation crisis at the “2019 Central America Donors Forum” in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. With more than 480 attendees from organizations such as the Ford Foundation, Oxfam America, UNICEF and USAID, the main themes of the Forum focused on migration and corruption.


The panel entitled “Keeping families together: lessons in cross-border alliances of the family separation crisis and beyond” highlighted the importance of pro bono international networks and the key role of the private sector in obtaining access to justice for migrants and their children.


The president of the Tinker Foundation, Caroline Kronley, moderated the panel, which included the Director of Pro Bono Associations of the Vance Center and Co-coordinator of the Pro Bono Network for the Americas, Jorge Escobedo and the executive director of the Pro Bono Guatemala Foundation, Claudia Murga, among others. Escobedo presented the Keep Families Together initiative of Vance Center, which provides U.S. immigration attorneys. UU. Free co-tips in Central America and other places to help families separated by US immigration policy. UU. The Pro Bono Guatemala Foundation, a member of the Pro Bono Networks of the Americas, is one of the closest partners in the Keep Families Together initiative.